"One in five Americans struggles with common bowel dysfunction. Most are easily treated but some can be difficult to diagnose. At the Heartland Center for Motility, we work hard to find the cause of your discomfort and treat it rather than just treating your symptoms."

- Gastroenterology Consultants

Welcome to the Heartland Center for Motility

Functional digestive disorders afflict up to 20 percent of the American population, resulting in at least 3.5 million office visits each year. Studies show that more people would be prompted to seek help for their digestive disorders if they were confident the disorders could be corrected.

At the Heartland Center for Motility, we offer patients a unique, multi-disciplinary approach which integrates medical, physiological and psychological modalities in the evaluation, understanding and treatment of patients with digestive disorders. Our Motility Center staff utilizes the latest in computer-aided technology to administer thorough, accurate tests which are then carefully analyzed and utilized to make timely recommendations for treatment.

At the Heartland Center for Motility, adult patients are thoroughly tested with the latest computer-aided technology. This technology coupled with a unique software package, performs a hosts of tests, including:

  • Esophageal manometry - measuring pressure in the esophagus for patients presenting with chest pain or difficulty swallowing

  • Esophageal pH study - measuring reflux acids in the esophagus, for patients suffering from heartburn

  • Impedance pH study - measuring non acidic reflux in patients with persistent symptoms despite acid suppression treatment

  • Colon motility/transit studies - measuring the movement of waste through the colon with dye, for patients presenting with constipation or chronic diarrhea

  • Gastric emptying - measuring the flow of solid or liquid meals for patients with unexplained nausea or vomiting

  • Breath testing - evaluates for carbohydrate intolerances such as lactose, fructose and fructan intolerance